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Mangmangkit, the Sinister Tree Spirits (Philippines)

Updated: Feb 7

A pencil-drawn illustration of a ghostly woman with long black hair sitting  on a branch of a large balete tree

Mangmangkit are spirits associated with large trees. However, their true nature is not entirely clear. In some versions, they are likened to deities of trees and forests, while in others, they are portrayed as spirits similar to elves from Western folklore. In yet another variation, they are depicted as ghosts attached to a particular tree, often due to the tragic circumstances of their death.

Descriptions of their appearance also vary, from being invisible to taking on a nymph-like, beautiful woman form. However, one consistent theme about MS is their fierce protectiveness of the trees they reside in, and their intolerance of disrespect. MS are believed to bring misfortunes to individuals who harm their trees or forests.

To avoid offending these spirits, it is advised to seek their permission before chopping down their tree or at least apologize to them for doing so.


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