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S. N. Linn, the author of paranormal fictions and Asian folklore

About Me

My fascination with the supernatural started at a young age. I call home to southeast Asia, where paranormal folklore and mythology abound. Growing up, my late grandmother entertained us kids with her allegedly true ghost stories and traditional ghostly tales whenever we were bored. For her and many of my older family members, ghosts were as real as the trees we could see and the air we could feel. There was no question about whether ghosts existed. Everyone accepted they did. Ghosts and paranormal tales are deeply rooted in the culture of the country.

As for myself, I started out absolutely believing in these entities like my family did, but gradually transformed into an individual who’s open-minded about the existence of such beings. I no longer believe every ghost story is necessarily of supernatural nature, even if I have faith in the honesty of the storyteller, but I’m intrigued all the same, and search for more of such stories, both of personal account and those from the folklore, with much passion.


Today, I share these tales that I collected over the years through my books. 

Have a ghost story or a traditional folklore to share with me? 

Write to me:

Candle in candlestick burning and smoky pot and old open book on dark and smoked backgroun


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