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Luo Tou Shi (China)

An illustration of Luo Tou Shi, the Chinese Flying Head Entity with large ears

Luo tou shi are flying human head entities from Chinese folklore. They appear as ordinary individuals during the day, but once night falls, they detach their heads and fly by using their ears as wings. Their heads prowl at night in search of bugs, crabs, and other critters to eat. In some texts, luo tou shi are depicted as members of a special tribe from the South known as the “Luo Tou” clan, who possess this peculiar ability to detach their heads and fly.

Luo tou shi is mentioned in a book from the Jin dynasty called "Sou Shen Ji," allegedly compiled by a court historian called Gan Bao. In the book, there’s an interesting story about a general who discovered that one of his servant women was a luo tou shi.


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