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Kappa, Playful but Deadly Creatures

An illustration of a kappa, a green humanoid creature with turtle-like features

Kappa are water-dwelling humanoid creatures with turtle-like features, typically depicted as green in color. They possess webbed hands, feet, and shells on their backs. Covered in scales, their bodies are said to emit a fishy smell. The most distinctive body part of a kappa is a dish-like feature on top of their head. It is important that this dish be always filled with water or the kappa will become paralyzed or die.

In terms of behaviour, kappa are mostly mischievous, known for their playful habit of loudly passing wind to startle people. However, they can also be downright dangerous. Kappa are said to drown humans and animals for no apparent reason. Once captured by a kappa underwater, it is nearly impossible to escape them, as the creatures are known for their excellent swimming and wrestling skills. The only way to get out of their clutches is to bribe them with a cucumber, their favourite snack.

Today, certain places in Japan use kappa illustrations as a warning symbol to caution people against swimming in dangerous bodies of water.


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