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Kaperosa, The White Lady

A digital art of a woman with long black hair, wearing a white gown, facing away from the reader

Like other parts of the world, the Philippines has its own white lady ghost called “Kaperosa”. It is a general term to describe a phantom woman with long black hair, wearing a white gown. Similar to the white-lady legends from other countries, the emergence of the kaperosa is typically associated with tragedy. Women who lost their lives during childbirth, died due to abuse and violence, or those who committed suicides are said to become kaperosa. Unlike her counterparts from other countries, kaperosa is not considered malevolent to those who have done no wrong to her.

The only reason she would show herself to others is to seek help. At times, she could behave like a phantom hitchhiker, requesting drivers to take her to specific places only to disappear suddenly, or she could be heard wailing and crying, as she longs for empathy, hoping others will understand the enduring pain she feels, even in her spectral form.


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