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Chee Sa Sone, the Feces-Eating Witch (Myanmar)

The illustration of Chee Sa Sone, an eerie flying head of a woman with dirty teeth

The flying-head series continue and this week is about “Chee Sa Sone” of Myanmar. The term “chee sa sone” in the local tongue translates quite literally to "feces-eating witch." According to longstanding beliefs, chee sa sone engage in the rather repulsive practice of eating human excrement, either as an essential ritual linked to practicing witchcraft or as a side-effect of their pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

Much like their counterparts in other cultures, chee sa sone appear as ordinary people during the day. At night, their heads detach from their bodies and take flight into the sky, making their way to the village’s outhouses where they indulge in feasting upon human waste until the break of dawn. Meanwhile, their bodies are tucked safely away at home. With the first light on the horizon, the heads must return home to reunite with their bodies. Failing to do so is said to kill chee sa sone.


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