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Aka Manto (Japan)

An illustration of Aka Manto, a masked ghost wearing a cloak, opening a toilet door

Aka Manto is an urban legend about a masked ghost that haunts school bathrooms. Dressed in a red cloak, it approaches students looking for toilet paper in the stalls. The ghost asks them, “Do you want red paper or blue paper?” If the student responds with “red paper,” Aka Manto stabs them violently, making the blood-soaked student appear as though they are wearing a red school uniform. If the student answers “blue paper,” the ghost strangles them until their face turns blue.


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About the writer:

S. N. Linn is an independent author and blogger from Singapore. She passionately explores paranormal folklore and legends, sharing her discoveries through her books and bite-sized, spooky-lore blog. You can find more of her work on her website.

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