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Agta (Philippines)

Updated: Jun 7

Agta, a dark, muscular male spirit from Filipino folklore

Agta, also known as "Kapre," are pitch-black, muscular, nude beings with imposing statures, typically portrayed as male. They are often sighted at night, standing on the branches of large trees while smoking spectral cigars. Passersby usually first notice the luminous glow of these cigars.

Those curious enough to investigate the light eventually see the tall, dark creature and flee in terror.

Despite their supernatural nature, Agta can sometimes be drawn to women. When infatuated, they may engage in stalking and, in extreme cases, even attempt abduction.


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About the writer:

S. N. Linn is an independent author and blogger from Singapore. Fascinated by paranormal topics since childhood, she passionately explores paranormal folklore and legends, sharing her discoveries through her books and blog. You can find more of her work on her website:

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