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Sharing My Blog Content

Sharing Texts 

Urban legends and paranormal folklore are in the public domain. However, narratives and texts that incorporate these legends and are shared on this website's blog are copyrighted works by Su Nandar Linn. They are not available for free use.

When it is permissible to use:

You may share, copy, narrate, and adapt the text content from my blog for non-commercial purposes, provided you follow these two steps:

  1. First, obtain permission from me.

  2. Second, cite my name and website as sources of information and include a link back to my site.


When it is NOT permissible to use:

You may not share, copy, narrate, or adapt the text on this website for monetization purposes. For example, narrating my texts on your YouTube channel with monetization is not allowed."

Sharing Images

Some images have been created by artists and are protected by copyright. These images should not be shared or used without explicit permission from the artist.

On the other hand, some images are AI-generated. If you are uncertain about whether you can use a particular image, please feel free to contact me for clarification.

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