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Kasa-Obake, the Goofy Umbrella Yokai

The Illustration of Kasa-Obake, a traditional Japanese umbrella with one leg, one eye, big mouth and a long tongue

Kasa-obake belong to a category of yokai called “tsukumogami” which are yokai that originate from ordinary household objects. After existing for at least 100 years, these mundane objects sprung up to live upon acquiring souls, turning into various types of yokai. Kasa-obake, also known as karakasa kozō, used to be old umbrellas.

Kasa-obake are more mischievous than dangerous. They enjoy scaring people by creeping up from behind and licking them with their enormous, wet tongues. However, it’s worth noting that there are other types of umbrellas tsukumogami that look like kasa-obake in appearance but are, in fact, menacing.   


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