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Jenglot: Indonesia's Eerie Amulets (Indonesia)

Updated: Feb 7

Jenglot, a peculiar and mystical amulet, has long intrigued and terrified those who believe in its supernatural powers. These tiny, mummified creatures, typically measuring between 10 and 12 centimeters in height, are believed to be the preserved remains of alleged mythical beings. With their wizened faces, long hair, sharp teeth, and nails, jenglot exudes an eerie aura.

Many people keep jenglot as amulets, believing they can harness their powers to harm their enemies or use them as protective charms against potential threats. Additionally, jenglot are believed to bring wealth to its owner.

However, the key to wielding a jenglot's supernatural abilities lies in a sinister requirement – regular blood-feeding. Owners must feed the jenglot with either their own blood or that of animals, or risk suffering harm themselves.

Intriguingly, the reality behind jenglot is far from supernatural. They are often available for purchase on black markets, but in truth, many are crafted from mundane materials like plastic, wood, or clay. In some cases, actual human remains, such as discarded fetuses, and human hairs, are used in making a jenglot. Despite being fully aware that these amulets are artificial, buyers still believe in their mystical benefits, especially if the amulet was created by a powerful shaman during black magic rituals.


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