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Dayal Gwishin, the Dangerous Egg Ghost

A phantom woman with featureless, blank face floating in the air, deep in the forest

Dayal Gwishin” in Korean translates to “egg ghost”, named for the ghost’s egg-like, featureless, and smooth face. Despite its seemingly silly name, the dalyal gwishin is dangerous. It is said to stalk individuals camping in remote mountains and forests, following them during the daytime while hiding in the shadows of trees and bushes. This leads to the victims to feel a sense of being watched.

Once night falls, the dayal gwishin emerges from its hiding place. Victims often hear rustling footsteps approaching them, prompting them to open their blurry eyes and find themselves face to face with a pale woman with a blank face devoid of any facial features, towering over them.

At this point, the victim typically dies, although there is no clear information on how exactly the ghost ends its victim’s life.


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