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Ghostly Legend of the Dhaka Airport Road

Updated: Jan 1

A ghostly woman clad in white saree, floating above the road; a red car was speeding away from her

This week I want delve into the spine-tingling urban legend from Bangladesh that has left motorists in a state of perpetual dread as they drive along the Dhaka Airport Road. Buckle up!

Dhaka Airport Road is a bustling thoroughfare lined with hotels, shops, and businesses, making it a hub of activity. However, this seemingly ordinary road is also known as one of the most haunted locations in Bangladesh. According to local legends, the haunted area is a stretch of the road between Nikunjo and Biman office, where there have been reported sightings of a spectral woman dressed in white, particularly at night.

A spectral woman in white running towards the reader with a terrifying expression

The ghostly woman, clad in a white saree, is said to suddenly materialize in the middle of the road. Motorists who swerve their vehicles to avoid hitting her subsequently put themselves at risk of accidents.

More unsettling accounts describe her chasing cars from behind at inhumanly fast speed or running toward the vehicles from the front. These encounters prompt motorists to accelerate their vehicles which sometimes result in crashes.

The identity of this ghostly lady remains a mystery, but according to local beliefs, some speculate that she was the victim of a fatal car accident occurred on that particular stretch of the road. In death, her restless spirit is said to still roam the area, unnerving passing motorists so they would meet the same tragic fate she suffered in life.

According to rumors, the local police had even set up a special patrol to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the road. However, they had never been able to find any concrete evidence to support the claims of hauntings. Despite the lack of evidence, many people in Bangladesh believe that the Dhaka Airport Road is haunted. The stories of the spectral woman on that road continue to frighten and fascinate people to this day.

Curiously, this ghostly tale from Bangladesh has eerie similarities to “The Hairy Hands of Dartmoor” from England and “Accident-causing Ghosts” from Myanmar (Ghosts, Spirits, Monsters and Paranormal Entities from Asian Folktales and Mythology (Book 1)).

In all these urban legends from different countries, there’s a common underlying theme: malevolent spirits that frighten motorists, often with the intent of causing fatal accidents. In the legends of hairy hands and accident-causing ghosts, these phantoms go beyond mere fright and may physically attack or manipulate people into dangerous situations.

I’m thrilled whenever such paranormal patterns from around the world are spotted. I wonder whether such urban legends ever existed before fast-going vehicles like cars and motorcycles were invented. May be…who knows? Perhaps in the past, there might have been ghostly legends about spirits causing horse carriages or bull carts to crash too! Maybe these legends were invented to caution drivers to be more careful around a particularly dangerous area, or these eerie tales were generated so people could make sense of frequent accidents that seemed to concentrate in a particular area.

In any case, these tales are fascinating whether you are a skeptic or not.


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